Whether you want an evening of elegance or joyous good times a mobile DJ can provide you with the atmosphere that you desire. Usually a meeting is scheduled weeks prior to the function at which time both DJ and organiser will coordinate and try to plan the evening. A suggested list of about 20 to 30 songs should be available from the organiser at this time, also times and schedule for the evening should be visited

Please e-mail us at to schedule a meeting.

Our DJs Jerry, Adrian, Hawk.

Jerry Aaron (Founder and CEO)
Jerry has been a professional DJ for 15 years with a music library of approximately 100,000 songs played on state of the art equipment. His experience includes residency at some of the more exclusive and popular night spots in the city of Toronto including ‘Easy on the 5th’, ‘Sparkles (CN Tower)’, ‘This is London’, and ‘Money’. He is an annual favourite throughout the summer on Lake Ontario, playing for some of Toronto Harbour’s famous cruises (The Clancy II, The Stella Borealis, Obsession III, Jaguar II, Yankee Lady 3 and 4 and The Trillium to name a few).
Jerry has continually been rehired by private companies and with great accolades. He has been playing special functions at LaMaquette Restaurant for over 12 years, Reid’s Jeweler’s parties for 5 Years, Glaxo Smith-Kline for 7 years, Peel Community Services for 5 years and Red Entertainment for over 8 years. Other places you will find Jerry creating a dancing storm would be at school dances, birthday and special events as well as being the ‘BEST MAN’ at weddings.Back to Top

Adrian (Associate)
Adrian started as a disc jockey way back in 1982 playing high schools and break dancing shows with his close friends. Over the years, he has collected a wide variety of music that he plays at weddings, corporate functions as well as bars in clubs in Ontario. A favourite at places such as the Old Mill, Fantasy Farms, The Courthouse, Crystal Fountain, La Rosa, and for weddings at La Maquette Restaurant.
Adrian has a strong passion and love for all types of music and his knowledge spans from the ’40s to the current music that covers Jazz, Big Band, Easy Listening, Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative, Dance, Rhythm & Blues and you name it, Adrian loves it. He is adept at playing for all ages and spectrum of people. Back to Top

Hawk (Associate)
Hawk has been a DJ for over 20 years and has collected a library of songs and a wide musical knowledge of many genres to create a party in many places. His DJ environments include Niteclubs, Lounges, weddings, residential parties and corporate functions. Some notable historic places includes Tailgate Charlie (Hamilton), Rockabillys(Burlington), Sharkeys (Oakville / Burlington), Emma’s back porch(Brampton), Hooterville, Exit, Fluid, JJQ’s, Fox and Fiddle and Jack Astors. His ability to adapt to a crowd has made him a success playing Top 40, Retro, rock, Dance has made him a crowd favorite..


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